Demi Glacé Concentrates

Savory Choice restaurant quality demi glacés have been crafted as a simple finishing sauce or the foundation to any recipe. Whether you’re looking for richness and taste or simplicity to prepare, we have a product to meet your needs.

  • Discover flavorsome soups, stock or braising liquid by simply increasing your dilution
  • Superior flavor notes
  • Available in two convenient sizes:
    — 500 gram pouch (2X concentration)
    Perfect as your signature sauce or add mushrooms, cherries or cream to enhance and create your own unique sauce
    — 4.5 liter Bag-in-Box (6X concentration)
    Conveniently packed in our shelf stable bag-in-box that requires no refrigeration even after opening
    Add additional water, reduced wine or stock and starch to thicken and bring to a simmer

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