Stock Pot In-A-Pouch Low Sodium Stock

Never make stock again. No more boiling bones, skimming, and discarding the waste. As fast as you can add one pouch of Savory Choice Stock Pot In-a-Pouch to water, you can have a low sodium stock as good as your own.

  • Perfect for making traditional stock, just add mirepoix, spices and season
  • Can be used in place of any low sodium stock
  • No added Potassium Chloride
  • 120mg of sodium per 8oz. serving
  • Pre-portioned pouches ensure consistency and accuracy every batch.
  • Best by date of 2 1/2 years on 100g and 1 1/2 year on the 500g
  • Available in two convenient sizes:
    500 gram pouch (10 gallon yield)
    100 gram pouch (2 gallon yield)

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